Monday, June 20, 2011

New meeting date and time !

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day!

Just a couple of things: our next meeting is being changed to Tuesday June 28th at 7pm. Our guest will be Police Director Sam DeMaio. We will be discussing his plans for the summer and how we can make it a safe one. We will also be asking for people to sign up for the Summer Blockwatch. We are going to teams of 5-6 people from the different areas of the East Ward for this. Please recruit your neighbors and friends and have them attend the meeting with you. It is so important that at this time we all work together to try to make the East Ward again a place to be!

On Saturday June 18th there was a robbery and shooting at Oliver and McWhorter Sts. No one thank God was killed but there was non life threatening injuries.

I have found out first hand that there are crimes against the undocumented that are not being reported. On Sunday June 19th between 6 and 7:30pm I heard an ambulance stop near my home. When I went out to see what happened I saw a man bleeding lying on the sidewalk. When I asked what happened I was told that he was robbed down New York Ave about 1-2 blocks from my house. I then asked if anyone called the police and was told NO don't call he is illegal and they will deport him! I tried to explain that there would be no deportation for victim's that were reporting a crime. This young man was beaten bad with blood all over and holding his teeth in his hands. I called 733-6190 to report what was happening to the Desk Lt. I immediately had a police car on the scene. But a woman that I do not know claimed to be an immigrant attorney and told the victim to not say he was robbed but that he was drunk and fell. I do not know who this woman is but I want to find out. CRIME IS NOT BEING REPORTED!! and this is why statistics are not accurate because the illegal and undocumented are being scared into not reporting them. Please, we need to get the word out that the undocumented/illegals should not be afraid to report a crime. Nothing is going to happen to them. I don't care who you are, NO ONE deserves to be robbed and beaten the way this man was. So now a robbery with assault will not be on the books that happened 1-2 blocks from me.

Please be safe out there.


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